J. Crew Is Selling Rob Pruitt Shirts

A Rob Pruitt™ for J. Crew Rash Guard shirt at the water's edge.

A Rob Pruitt™ for J. Crew Rash Guard shirt at the water’s edge.


Yes, indeed: J. Crew has worked with Rob Pruitt to create limited-edition shirts that sport his trademark gradient styles. They are called Rob Pruitt™ for J. Crew Rash Guard shirts (love that trademark symbol), made of poly/elastane, priced at $125, and available only online. (So do not go to your local J. Crew store asking for Rob Pruitt rash guard shirts: they will think you are crazy.) The whole thing is a charity project to benefit the Skin Cancer Foundation.

J. Crew explains how it all came about on their peppy blog: “After we spotted artist Rob Pruitt’s color gradients on Instagram, we were dying to collaborate with him. Lucky for us, he couldn’t have been cooler and generously let us feature his cheeky paintings on our new rash guard collection.”

Pruitt is also excited about the rash guard shirts: “Seeing my art on a rash guard is like seeing my art on a human body as opposed to a canvas. I like how it changes from person to person.”

Still not totally clear about what a rash guard shirt is, but there you have it.

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