Moscow’s Garage Museum to Expand to St. Petersburg With Outpost on New Holland Island

New Holland Island.COURTESY GARAGE

New Holland Island.


Some news from Russia: the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, which was founded in Moscow in 2008 and moved last year into a new Rem Koolhaas-designed building, will begin to exhibit programming on New Holland Island in St. Petersburg. It will be one of the few off-site expansions from the museum’s home base in Moscow’s Gorky Park.

Development on New Holland Island—which is in the process of being turned into a tourist destination, with hip restaurants and hotels, after decades of housing dilapidated 18th century military bases—is backed by Millhouse Capital, which was founded by Roman Abramovich, husband to Garage founder Dasha Zhukova. The billionaire won the right to purchase the buildings on the island in 2010 with a $400 million pledge, and has always planned to turn it into a contemporary art hub.

The first exhibition, “Experiences of the Imaginary,” a group show of emerging Russian artists, is up through September 25.

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