Domingo Zapata Has Sold a Novel




Domingo Zapata—a painter who once lent his Porsche to Lindsay Lohan, who then hit a guy while driving it—has sold a novel to Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books imprint about an artist that seems to resemble Domingo Zapata. According to Page Six, the book, which is called The Beautiful Dream of Life, will chronicle the life of a rich artist with celebrity friends “until he experiences a downward spiral ” and is “tortured by a decadent lifestyle trapped in money and fame.”

Perhaps you, dear reader, are unfamiliar with Domingo Zapata. After all, The New York Times wrote an entire story that describes the circumstances by which he became a famous artist who no one in the art world had ever heard of. The evidence of this, as provided by the Times, is that “Mr. Zapata’s name is absent from the pages of ARTnews, the 111-year-old magazine that chronicles the comings and goings of the art world.” Well, we’ve up and changed that, haven’t we!

And while who knows what wonders await us in “The Beautiful Dream of Life,” perhaps there will be parties in the Hamptons, like the one Zapata hosted in 2015 with “Real Housewives of New York” star Jill Zarin to benefit The Eric Trump Foundation. Or maybe there will be an incident similar to the time Kim Kardashian commissioned a portrait from the artist in 2012, and Zapata made a photo collage of Polaroids of Kardashian surrounded by Maya Angelou quotes. Then there was the time in 2009 when Zapata wrote some lyrics to a new version of the 90s hit single, “Macarena.” Will there be Macarena dancing in “The Beautiful Dream of Life?” One would hope there will be Macarena dancing.

I’ve reached out to his agent, Steve Fisher at APA, to get more details about the book, and the cost of its acquisition. We’ll update this post as needed.

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