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Morning Links: Record-Breaking Metropolitan Museum Attendance Edition

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The Metropolitan Museum of Art.



Though it recently faced layoffs and a $10 million deficit, the Metropolitan Museum of Art can boast a record-breaking year for attendance, with 6.7 million visitors in the fiscal year that ended on June 30. [The New York Times]

“The Vacuum Cleaner Museum in St. James, Mo., might be the only place where having a collection that sucks is considered a compliment.” [NPR]

Shows Around America

Are there enough biennials and triennials in the world? Apparently not, because now there will be the Cleveland Exhibition for Contemporary Art, a triennial that Randy Kennedy calls “a rust-belt rejoinder to venerated European art gatherings.” [The New York Times]


Magnus Resch on the claims that his app, Magnus, may have stolen data from participating galleries: “I don’t see any gallery asking Instagram to take down images.” [The Art Newspaper]

X-rays have revealed that there is a face underneath Edgar Degas’s Portrait of a Woman. [The Guardian]

The California Scene

Here’s an in-depth look at why the art scene in Los Angeles’s Boyle Heights has come under fire recently by activists protesting gentrification. [Los Angeles Times]

Elsewhere in the World

A woman in a British airport was detained because she read a book about Syrian art in public. [BBC News]


Alex Hubbard at House of Gaga in Mexico City. [Contemporary Art Daily]

Amy Taubin writes about Robert Frank’s little-known films, calling them “characteristic of having been made by someone who stubbornly insists on walking out on a high wire without a net.” [Artforum]

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