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Morning Links: Possibly Disowned Peter Doig Painting Edition


Peter Doig.



Peter Doig testified yesterday in a case over a work from 1976 that the artist claims he did not paint, despite it being signed “Pete Doige.” The artist says that Doige is a real person who died in 2012.  [The New York Times]

Australian art magazine Vault has, at the request of its distributor, censored the nipples of a nude woman in a painting by Lisa Yuskavage that appears on its current issue’s cover. There are now two bright yellow circles on the painting, and it’s awkward-looking. [The Guardian]


Michael Jordan has donated $5 million—and a basketball jersey—to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. A hall in the institution will now be named after him. [The New York Times]

Jens Hoffmann discusses his new role at the Jewish Museum, now that he is stepping down as deputy director. He is “relinquishing some of my administrative responsibilities” to allow for a more flexible schedule as he prepares to oversee the 2018 Cleveland Triennial with Michelle Grabner. [The Art Newspaper]

Here’s a nice little article about a woman who has been volunteering at the Denver Art Museum for 46 years, and is now educating visitors about the institution’s “Women of Abstract Expressionism” show. [The Denver Channel]

“Which American museum was the first to dedicate itself to collecting American art? If you said New York’s Whitney, think again.” [Wall Street Journal]

A look around Yngve Holen’s talked-about show at the Kunsthalle Basel. [Contemporary Art Daily]


After winning a MacArthur “Genius Grant,” LaToya Ruby Frazier spent months with Flint, Michigan residents who were suffering from drinking contaminated water. Her photos are printed in this Elle article. [Elle]


Will the Seattle Art Fair survive past its second year? Seattle art critic Jen Graves has written a love letter to it, in hopes that it will. [The Stranger]

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