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Expo Chicago 2016 Announces Roster for Special Projects Sectors

Dana Lixenberg Imperial Courts, 2015COURTESY GRIMM | AMSTERDAM

Dana Lixenberg
Imperial Courts, 2015


Expo Chicago, that city’s annual contemporary art fair, announced the list of participants for its 2016 editions of In/Situ, In/Situ Outside, and Expo Projects. These sectors of the fair feature large-scale installations, and will be placed both at the fair and around Chicago. Expo Chicago opens September 22.

This year’s slate of In/Situ programming—which is curated by Diana Nawi, an associate curator at the Pérez Art Museum Miami—is called “A Break in the Code,” and draws its works from the 145 galleries selected to participate in Expo Chicago. The bulk of the work will be installed at the fair’s main space at the Navy Pier’s Festival Hall, often hanging from the ceiling.

“ ‘A Break in the Code’ uncovers the underlying structures that order and shape the world around us,” Nawi said in a press release. “This program examines and intervenes into the codes and forms used to demarcate our everyday life, by appropriating or interrupting common gestures and modes of communication, capitalizing on and redeploying systems of power and exchange, and imbuing quotidian experiences with the poetic.”

In addition to In/Situ, there is also In/Situ Outside, which breaks out from the Navy Yard to scatter work all over the city. Nawi has selected works to display, and the fair has also teamed up with the City of Chicago to unleash “Override | A Billboard Project,” which will place 28 digital billboards through the city. The press release called it an “unprecedented citywide public art initiative” for the Second City. Who’s doing billboards? Alex Bag, Sanford Biggers, Rashid Johnson, Joyce Pensato, and Maurizio Cattelan’s wacky Toiletpaper design firm, they’re all doing billboards!

And then Expo Projects features large-scale works around the pier, selected by Expo Chicago. Plus: works that the Chicago Parks District have already placed around the city. Just a lot of projects going down in Chicago. A full list is below.

In/Situ: “A Break in the Code”

  • Spencer Finch | Sky Over Coney Island (November 26, 2004, 12:47 pm. Southwest View Over the Cyclone) (2004), Rhona Hoffman Gallery
  • Victoria Fu | Egg (2016), Infinity and Scoop (2015), Honor Fraser
  • Amalie Jakobsen | Recursive Demarcation (2016), Efrain Lopez Gallery
  • Shana Lutker | Work from Attractive Fool Series (2016), Susanne Vielmetter Gallery Los Angeles Projects
  • Jillian Mayer | Slumpie 9 – Knee Hole (2016); Slumpie 10 – Lawn Chair (2016), David Castillo Gallery
  • Rodney McMillian | Carpet Painting (Bedroom and TV Room) (2012), MACCARONE
  • Julio César Morales | Works from Narco Headlines series (2015), Gallery Wendi Norris
  • Bettina Pousttchi | Rotunda (2016), Buchmann Galerie
  • Carlos Rolón/Dzine | Nomadic Habitat (Hustleman) (2015), moniquemeloche; Pearl Lam; Salon 94
    For Freedoms | Founded by Hank Willis Thomas and Eric Gottesman

In/Situ Outside

  • Afruz Amighi | Far from God (2014), Leila Heller Gallery
  • Daniel Buren | Attrape-soleil (2013), Bortolami
  • Mark di Suvero | Magma (2008) and Destino (2003), Paula Cooper Gallery
  • Ewerdt Hilgemann | Habakuk (homage to Max Ernst) (2014), BORZO Gallery and The Mayor Gallery

Chicago Park District Public Art Installations:

  • Herb Alpert | Spirit Totems (2010-2012), Courtesy of the Artist
  • Wendell Castle | Big Red M (1971) and Yellow Arch (1971), R & Company
  • Tom Friedman | Looking Up (2015), Luhring Augustine
  • John Henry | Chevron (2007), Novak Construction
  • Indira Johnson | 10,000 Ripples (2012), Courtesy of the Artist
  • Mel Kendrick | Marker #1 and Marker #2 (2009), David Nolan Gallery
  • Robert Lobe | Eastern Hophornbeam (1992) and Nature’s Clock (2006), Rhona Hoffman Gallery
  • Joel Shapiro | Untitled (2002-2003), PACE Gallery
  • Tony Tasset | Artists Monument (2014), Kavi Gupta
  • Christopher Wool | Untitled (2013), Luhring Augustine

OVERRIDE | A Billboard Project:

  • Alex Bag | team (gallery, inc.)
  • Sanford Biggers | moniquemeloche
  • Stephanie Brooks | Rhona Hoffman Gallery
  • Tammy Rae Carland | Jessica Silverman Gallery
  • Rashid Johnson | For Freedoms
  • Caitlin Keogh | Bortolami
  • Sterling Lawrence | DOCUMENT
  • Vik Muniz | Rena Bransten Gallery
  • Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle | Christopher Grimes Gallery
  • Joyce Pensato | Corbett vs. Dempsey
  • Angelo Plessas | The Breeder
  • Cheryl Pope | moniquemeloche
  • Bettina Pousttchi | Buchmann Gallery
  • Toiletpaper / Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari | Galerie Perrotin
  • Wendy White | ANDREW RAFACZ, Chicago and VAN HORN

Expo Projects

  • Magdalena Abakanowicz | The Son of Gigant (2003), Marlborough
  • Kimathi Donkor | Gallery MOMO
  • Cody Hudson | Hold It Up to the Light (2016), ANDREW RAFACZ
  • Alfredo Jaar | Teach Us to Outgrow Madness (1995), Human Rights Watch in partnership with Rhona Hoffman Gallery
  • Samuel Levi Jones | 48 Portraits (Underexposed) (2012), PATRON
  • Anna Kunz | Warp (2016), McCormick Gallery
  • Atelier van Lieshout | Henri, Carl, and Mother Earth Constructivist (2015); and The Beginning of Everything (2016), GRIMM
  • Dana Lixenberg | Imperial Courts (2015), GRIMM
  • Matt Magee | Wall Grapheme 3 (2016), THE MISSION
  • Sandro Miller | American Bikers (1990–95), Catherine Edelman Gallery
  • Nnenna Okore | Onwa N’etilu Ora (2013–2015), Jenkins Johnson Gallery
  • Sabina Ott | because the mountains were so high (2016), Hyde Park Art Center and Aspect/Ratio Gallery
  • Ren Ri | Yuansu Series II, #6-58, #6-71, #6-74, #6-81, #6-83 (2014-2015), Courtesy the artist and Pearl Lam Galleries
  • Adam Parker Smith | Mr. Risky (2016), Courtesy of the artist and The Hole
  • Saya Woolfalk | Colour Mixing Machine 1-6 (2016), Daata Editions

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