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Magic City Switch-Up! NADA Miami Beach to Return to the Deauville Resort


The Deauville.


After just a single year of setting up shop at the cushy environs of the Fontainebleau hotel, NADA Miami Beach will return to the retro glitz of the Deauville Beach Resort for its 2016 edition. The fair first moved to the Deauville from the Ice Palace in Wynwood in 2009, and stayed there until the move to the Fontainebleau in 2015.

Reverting back to the old location, which is in North Beach at 67th Street, gives NADA a bit of distance from Art Basel Miami Beach, and from the revelry that accompanies it. The Fontainebleau is right next to Soho Beach House, the Soho House offshoot that hosts some of the week’s fancier parties—the Deauville doesn’t exactly cater to the same crowd. By way of comparison: the Fontainebleau has been referenced in some gloriously crude Kanye West lyrics, whereas the musical act most associated with the Deauville is the Rat Pack. 

It’s unclear at the moment as to why the fair moved back to its old up-beach haunt. We’ve reached out to NADA’s director, Heather Hubbs, but she wasn’t immediately available for comment.

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