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Morning Links: Italian Food Edition

A nice big chicken parm.JOEFOODIE/FLICKR

A nice big chicken parm.


Good morning from New York City! Donald Trump is off to Mexico today, galleries all around the world are preparing their September shows, and we are sitting in the office taking long, deep breaths. Here are the links.


Charles Desmarais takes a look at the collection of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which is reportedly in talks to open on San Francisco’s Treasure Island—a place name that, we can all agree, is perfect as the home for a museum of narrative art. [San Francisco Chronicle]

The sprawling Faena District in Miami Beach, which features a “public performance venue,” a retail space, and a “state-of-the-art parking garage” (they’re big on those down there), is set to open right before Miami Basel, in late November, with a “processional performance” by various artists and an “intervention” by Ernesto Neto, among other things. [Miami Herald]

A Day in the Life

Nancy Spector, the chief curator of the Brooklyn Museum, discusses her life: she likes to write from 3 or 4 a.m. to 7 a.m., thinks hard about how to balance work and family, and sets aside one day each week for looking at art. [The Cut]

Jeanette Hayes lives on New York’s Roosevelt Island! Here she offers a look around her apartment and recommends watching videos of lectures by Jerry Saltz. [The Coveteur]


That great show that Eleanor Cayre, Jacob King, and Alex Zachary organized at a former Italian restaurant in Long Branch, New Jersey, gets the CAD treatment. [Contemporary Art Daily]

Mr. Chow, the artist, restaurateur, and all-around man about town, explains why he charges such impressively high prices for such relatively small amounts of middling food, and reveals that he is at work on a “60,000-square-foot art and cuisine center in Los Angeles.” Which, yeah, wow, that’s seriously big! Also, Schnabel weighs in on the Chow phenomenon. [The New York Times]

Problem Solved

The Italian government has “lobbied the director of the World Heritage Centre, diplomats, and national delegates” not to put Venice on the list of Danger sites compiled by UNESCO. [The Art Newspaper]

Two Great Women and Two Great Men

The day is all downhill from here: a photo of Hillary (in a Jackson Pollock-style dress!) with the great Joyce Pensato. (Note: we highly recommend not reading the comments on this image.) [@petzelgallery/Instagram]

Steve Martin owns a lot of books about Willem de Kooning! [@SteveMartinToGo/Twitter]


Trump booster Steven Mnuchin, son of dealer Robert Mnuchin, “was tapped into Skull and Bones, made partner at Goldman, ran a hedge fund, and invested in Hollywood blockbusters.” Will he become Treasury Secretary in a Trump administration? [Bloomberg]

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