Berlin Club Berghain Deemed ‘High Art’ Institution by German Court

The outside of Berghain in the light of day. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The outside of Berghain in the light of day.


Berghain—the legendary epicenter of Berlin nightlife known for its strict door policy, unimpeachable music program, and multi-day marathon clubbing sessions that could be described as being competitively hedonistic—has now been deemed to be, for tax purposes, a “high art” institution by the Berlin-Brandenburg fiscal court in Cottbus, Dazed reports today (via Der Spiegel and the blog Electronic Beats).

Previously, tax officials deemed the goings-on at Berghain to be “entertainment” rather than “cultural” due in part to the widespread substance abuse at the club and the fact that the venue contains no stage. The reversal comes with serious benefits: the taxation for “high art” institutions is 7 percent as opposed to 17 percent for “entertainment” venues.

Also, as if you haven’t had enough Clarie Danes today at ARTnews (see also: the Morning Links), here is video of the actress talking about her love for Berlin techno music and, in particular, Berghain, on Ellen.


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