Here’s the Gallery List for Paris Internationale 2016

Gulbenkian, whose onetime mansion will be used for the fair, in front of the Statue of Horus at the Edfu Temple in Egypt in 1934.WIKIMEDIA

Calouste Gulbenkian, whose onetime mansion will be used for the fair, in front of the Statue of Horus at the Edfu Temple in Egypt in 1934.


Ah, yes. It is September, and that means that art fairs will soon be opening up all around the world at a fast and furious pace. (Not that there was really much of a break over the summer, as there was once upon a time, since Seattle and Copenhagen, among other places, are now home to fairs in August.) At this moment, at the start of the season, quite a few fairs are sharing details about their plans, and up today is Paris Internationale, the satellite to the august FIAC fair that will return for its sophomore edition October 18–23.

Focused on emerging art from what one might describe as the world’s most bracingly cool galleries, Paris Internationale has grown this year, to a total of 60 exhibitors, up from the 41 that graced its inaugural edition. It also has a new location, moving from a hôtel particulier near the center of Paris to another just about a block away, at 51 Avenue d’Iéna, that dates from 1897. It is four stories and was once the home of collector Calouste Gulbenkian.

The gallery list, which includes Jenny’s (of Los Angeles), Chapter NY (New York), 1857 (Oslo, Norway), and What Pipeline (Detroit), follows below. More details about the fair, which was started by Parisian outfits Crèvecoeur, High Art, Antoine Lévi, Gregor Staiger, and Sultana, are here.

1301PE, Los Angeles
1857, Oslo, Norway
Agustina Ferreyra, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Antoine Levi, Paris
Arcadia Missa, London
Bianca D’Alessandro, Copenhagen, Denmark
Bodega, New York
Bortolami, New York
Bureau des Réalités, Brussels
Carlos/Ishikawa, London
Caro Sposo, Paris
Chapter, New York
Chateau Shatto, Los Angeles
Crèvecoeur, Paris
Croy Nielsen, Vienna
Daniel Marzona, Berlin
Dawid Radziszewski, Warsaw, Poland
Deborah Schamoni, Munich
Edouard Montassut, Paris
Emmanuel Hervé, Paris
Federico Vavassori, Milan
Gregor Staiger, Zurich
High Art, Paris
Hunt Kastner, Prague
Jack Hanley, New York
Jan Kaps, Cologne, Germany
Jaqueline Martins, São Paulo
Jenny’s, Los Angeles
Joseph Tang, Paris
Koppe Astner, Glasgow, Scotland
KOW, Berlin
LambdaLambdaLambda, Pristina, Kosovo
MabSociety, Shanghai
Max Mayer, Dusseldorf, Germany
Misako & Rosen, Tokyo
Mitchell Algus, New York
Mother’s Tankstation, Dublin
Project Native Informant, London
Proyectos Monclova, Mexico
Queer Thoughts, New York
Rob Tufnell, London/Cologne, Germany
Samy Abraham, Paris
Sandy Brown, Berlin
Section 7, Paris
Shanaynay, Paris
Shane Campbell, Chicago
Simone Subal, New York
SpazioA, Pistoia, Italy
Stereo, Warsaw, Poland
Sultana, Paris
Supportico Lopez, Berlin
Tanya Leighton, Berlin
Taylor Macklin, Zurich
Temnikova & Kasela, Tallinn, Estonia
Truth and Consequences, Geneva
Union Pacific, London
VI, VII, Oslo, Norway
What Pipeline, Detroit

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