Hancock, New York’s Local Newspaper, Celebrates ‘The Gavin Brown Experience’


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Even though just about everyone has come back to the city from their upstate country homes, some extremely awesome stuff is continuing to go down in Hancock, New York (population 3,224), where dealer Gavin Brown and his gallery’s artist Rirkrit Tiravanija have a Thai restaurant called Unclebrother. It’s the second year that the restaurant has popped up for the summer, and this year it hosted a group show that included work by Brian Belott, Etel Adnan, and others.

The locals have always been fans of Brown and Tiravanija’s little joint, and it seems that the praise keeps on coming. In a post to the Gavin Brown’s Enterprise Instagram, there’s a photo that appears to be from the Hancock Herald—“Serving Hancock and the surrounding area since 1873”—of an emissary from the Delaware Valley Garden Club giving the head chef some flowers.

The caption is epic: “Alice Furfaro, on behalf of the Delaware Valley Garden Club, presenting Glori, the head chef at Unclebrother restaurant, part of the Gavin Brown Experience, a plant arrangement. Welcome to the neighborhood and best of luck.”

In other Rirkrit-making-food news, the gallery’s Harlem space is currently hosting the showroom for the Berlin-based fashion designer Nhu Duong’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection—it’s a collaboration with Gavin Brown’s Enterprise artist Karl Holmqvist—and on Monday night, there was a dinner where Tiravanija made what he called Swedish Crawfish. Brown was dumping buckets of them onto tables, and they were delicious.

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