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Morning Links: Esperanto Edition

The flag of Esperanto.

The flag of Esperanto.

Money and Power

James Tarmy talks to the dealers of New York gallery Luxembourg and Dayan gallery about how they go about selling art at Frieze. [Bloomberg]

Looking for more Frieze coverage? You can find our complete on-the-ground reporting here.

Alexandra Fowle reviews Susan E. Cahan’s new book, Mounting Frustration: The Art Museum in the Age of Black Power. [The Brooklyn Rail]

Rana Begum has won the 2017 Abraaj Group Art Prize, which comes with a $100,000 check. [Artforum]

Throwback: The 2010 video for Kanye West’s song “Power,” which was directed by Marco Brambilla. [YouTube]

‘The More You Know, the More You Kohl’s’

The department store Kohl’s is donating $1.5 million to the Milwaukee Art Museum over three years to fund its youth arts education program. [BizTimes]

Elsewhere, “indie artist Lili Chin is suing Kohl’s for allegedly ripping off her ‘Doggie Language’ designs.” [Jezebel]

And just because, here are tips for saving money at Kohl’s, including “give them your email address and your birthday—it’s worth it” and “get the Kohl’s app.” [ABC13]


“Edith Gaines, Art Institute of Chicago travel program creator, dies at 94.” [Chicago Tribune]

A profile of British architect Amanda Levete, who designed the new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Lisbon. [The New York Times]


A brief history of Esperanto. [Los Angeles Review of Books]

A brief history of Chile’s Project Cybersyn, “an ambitious project in technology and design meant to help Chile’s socialist economy succeed.” [99% Invisible]


Carmen Herrera, the great painter who now has a show at the Whitney: “When I came to New York I tried going to the Cedar Tavern, but they were always drunk there, and I can’t stand drunkards! I like to drink but I don’t get drunk.” [Artforum]


Speaking of great painters, here are photos of Avery Singer’s show at the Stedelijk in Amsterdam. [Contemporary Art Daily]

And finally, one more set of images, of Eric Veit’s exhibition at Rear Window in New York. [Sex Life]

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