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The Armory Show’s VIP Lounge Will Offer ‘Bespoke Culinary Offerings’ and ‘Sun-Drenched Views’ in 2017


The Armory Show.


Each day brings us closer to March 1, 2017, when the Armory Show opens its doors on Piers 92 and 94, unveiling to New Yorkers the first fair in the era of director Benjamin Gennochio, who was hired a few months before this year’s edition. Compared to Armory Show editions in the past, Genocchio has already promised a “smarter, tighter, more curated” fair while simultaneously “expanding our talks, programs, performances and commissioning of new artwork.”

We’ll see how they pull that off, but today we received a letter from the fair to VIPs detailing another, different kind of exciting development: There are big changes coming to the Armory Show’s VIP Lounge. The VIP lounge is now “new and expanded.”

There will be no ordinary art fair views in the Armory Show’s VIP Lounge. There will be “sun-drenched views of the Hudson River.” And there will be no ordinary art fair food at the Armory Show’s VIP Lounge. There will be “bespoke culinary offerings from New York’s most exciting restaurants.” 

Genocchio did once tell me that “looking at art in a tent is like eating chicken from a bucket” so maybe the “bespoke culinary offerings” will include KFC.

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