Two Tony Feher Memorial Exhibitions to be Held in New York and San Francisco

Tony Feher. Photo: Timothy Greenfield Sanders.

Tony Feher.


Earlier this year the art world lost a luminary, the conceptual sculptor Tony Feher. In honor of his passing, Anthony Meier Fine Arts in San Francisco and New York’s Sikkema Jenkins & Co. will concurrently show a selection of Feher’s work at both galleries, starting November 17.

Feher’s sculptures were marked by a simplicity that often belied their deep meaning. Highlighting this, Sikkema Jenkins & Co. will show Feher’s last body of work, a series of painted reliefs, alongside notebook sketches made by Feher that documented his process. The exhibition is curated by Feher’s close friends and fellow artists Joy Episalla, Carrie Yamaoka, Nancy Brooks Brody, Zoe Leonard, and Andrea Blum.

Anthony Meier Fine Arts will take a more retrospective approach. This exhibition, curated by Rebecca Camacho—the gallery’s director, as well as a close friend of Feher—will feature different groupings of Feher’s sculptures made over his 30-year career, bringing to light the conversational strands that connected his work.

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