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Simon Denny: ‘Yes She Can’

Simon Denny YES SHE CAN #simondenny #yesshecan

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Results are now coming in to the 2016 ARTnews Democracy Headquarters fast and furious. The latest: artist Simon Denny, via the Instagram account of Hans Ulrich Obrist. His vote? Hillary. “Yes She Can,” he wrote on one of the peripatetic curator’s neon-colored post-it notes.

Given Denny’s work incisive work on surveillance state and bitcoins, it seemed possible he might cast his vote for Jill Stein or even write in someone like Edward Snowden, so this is an intriguing development in the race.

It’s not clear that Denny can vote in the actual election, since he was born in New Zealand and is based in Berlin, but his vote counts in the art-world race, which Clinton is currently leading decisively.

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