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Morning Links: The Art World Reacts to a Trump Victory Edition


The writer Eileen Myles on Twitter: “We begin to think about what resistance means.” [Twitter]

The British artist David Shrigley posts a drawing of an apple pie with a skull in the middle of it. [Instagram]

The British-born, Los Angeles-based artist Thomas Houseago takes to Instagram: “do wonder how & if America will recover from this one.” [Instagram]

Helen Molesworth, chief curator at MOCA Los Angeles, posts a photo of a Walter Benjamin quote: “the tradition of the oppressed teaches us that the ‘state of emergency’ in which we live in is not the exception but the rule.” [Instagram]

The Providence artist and musician Brian Chippendale: “it’s like when you look in the mirror and more than 50% of your face is covered with zits.” [Twitter]

The New York political artist Peter Fend, via Twitter: “Now, with Trump’s victory, the leisure class (art world) will begin to take me seriously. The smugness ends.” [Twitter]

German artist Wolfgang Tillmans posted a flurry of Instagram pictures, including a message written on notebook paper by Jerry Saltz: “NO ONE ON THIS EARTH IS HATED OR FEARED MORE THAN WOMEN.” [Instagram]

Pussy Riot: “It’s like being arrested. Dramatic at the beginning. But then you start to figure out how to live and create in prison. You’ll overcome.” [Twitter]

Drew Daniel from Baltimore’s Matmos on Facebook: “I’m horrified and depressed and enraged at the very belated impotence of my regret and anger.” [Facebook]

New York artist Jamian Juliano-Villani posts a poignant Brexit comparison meme on Instagram. [Instagram]

New York artist Nick DeMarco: “no jokes. crying in my car.” [Twitter]

The California artist Chris Lux posts a photo of Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star spray painted with a Swastika. “I’m so sorry, for all of us, but especially for all POC, LGBT people, immigrants and women.” [Instagram]

Update, November 10: An earlier version of this post failed to attribute Wolfgang Tillmans’s image to Jerry Saltz. The post has been updated.

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