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United States Artists Names 2016 Fellows, Including Miranda July, Stanley Whitney, Shirin Neshat



United States Artists in Chicago announced its fellows for 2016 today. The 46 artists in fields ranging from visual arts to what the foundation calls “media” will receive $50,000 each.

“By supporting American artists, USA is supporting creativity, free expression, and a strong diverse culture. Our Fellows cross all ages, ethnicities, and stages in their careers,” United States Artists interim president and CEO Sunny Fischer said in a statement. “Each has a unique artistic voice that expands the creative environment of the United States. It is an honor to support these artists, contribute to their financial security, and to facilitate future works. We are encouraging the best of what American artists can achieve.”

The list of 2016 USA fellows follows below.

Architecture and Design

· Janet Echelman, USA Barr Fellow (Brookline, MA)
· Sharon Johnston & Mark Lee (Johnston Marklee), USA Oliver Fellows (Los Angeles, CA)


· Vivian Beer, USA Windgate Fellow (Manchester, NH)
· Lauren Fensterstock, USA Barr Fellow (Portland, ME)
· Anna Hepler, USA Barr Fellow (Eastport, ME)
· Roberto Lugo, USA Barr Fellow (Marlboro, VT)
· Annabeth Rosen, USA Distinguished Fellow (Davis, CA)
· Piper Shepard, USA Distinguished Fellow (Baltimore, MD)
· April Surgent, USA Ford Fellow (Port Townsend, WA)


· Michelle Dorrance, USA Doris Duke Fellow (Brooklyn, NY)
· Faye Driscoll, USA Doris Duke Fellow (Brooklyn, NY)
· Donna Uchizono, USA Doris Duke Fellow (New York, NY)
· Rosie Herrera, USA Sarah Arison Fellow (Miami, FL)
· Steve Paxton, USA Barr Fellow (East Charleston, VT)
· Yvonne Rainer, USA Doris Duke Fellow (New York, NY)
· Raphael Xavier, USA Knight Fellow (Philadelphia, PA)


· Amitava Kumar, USA Ford Fellow (Poughkeepsie, NY)
· Claudia Rankine, USA Zell Fellow (Claremont, CA)


· Steven Paul Judd, USA Hatch Fellow (Norman, OK)
· Lynn Hershman Leeson, USA Smith Fellow (San Francisco, CA)
· Quique Rivera Rivera, USA Simon Fellow (Glendale, CA)


· Raven Chacon, USA Distinguished Fellow (Albuquerque, NM)
· Vijay Iyer, USA Cummings Fellow (New York, NY)
· Eddy Kwon, USA Ford Fellow (Cincinnati, OH)
· Mike Reed, USA Doris Duke Fellow (Chicago, IL)
· Dianne Reeves, USA Doris Duke Fellow (Denver, CO)
· Randy Weston, USA Doris Duke Fellow (Brooklyn, NY)

Theater and Performance

· Daniel Alexander Jones, USA Doris Duke Fellow (Bronx, NY)
· Miranda July, USA Doris Duke Fellow (Los Angeles, CA)
· Hirokazu Kosaka, USA Andrew W. Mellon Fellow (Torrance, CA)
· Young Jean Lee, USA Doris Duke Fellow (Brooklyn, NY)
· Jefferson Pinder, USA Joyce Fellow (Chicago, IL)
· Peggy Shaw, USA Doris Duke Fellow (New York, NY)

Traditional Arts

· Teri Greeves, USA Distinguished Fellow (Santa Fe, NM)
· Cherice Harrison-Nelson, USA Distinguished Fellow (New Orleans, LA)
· Ernie Marsh, USA Katie Weitz Fellow (Lovell, WY)
· Vicky Holt Takamine, USA Doris Duke Fellow (Aiea, Hawaii)

Visual Arts

· Charles Atlas, USA Gracie Fellow (New York, NY)
· Senga Nengudi, USA Ford Fellow (Colorado Springs, CO)
· Shirin Neshat, USA Rockefeller Fellow (New York, NY)
· Winfred Rembert, USA Barr Fellow (New Haven, CT)
· Laurie Jo Reynolds, USA Shari D. Behnke Fellow (Chicago, IL)
· Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, USA Ford Fellow (San Juan, PR)
· Jacolby Satterwhite, USA Francie Bishop Good & David Horvitz Fellow (Brooklyn, NY)
· Stanley Whitney, USA Jeanne & Michael Klein Fellow (New York, NY)

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