Maya Lin, Frank Gehry Take Part in Mannequin Challenge at the White House

Some readers may be thinking right now that the day’s biggest news was President-Elect Donald Trump’s weird live-blogged meeting with the New York Times. But that is not the case! Below, we can provide on-the-ground footage of a mannequin challenge that broke out today at the star-studded awards ceremony for the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House in Washington, D.C. (The video comes from the Instagram of actress Tracee Ellis Ross.) It features Maya Lin, Bruce Springsteen, and Frank Gehry, among other notables! (Spoiler alert: Gehry has a little bit of trouble with the challenge.) In other Gehry news, he is reportedly mulling a move to France now that Trump has been elected. Remember the good old days when we could all sit around and laugh about Gehry giving the finger to a bunch of journalists?

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