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Morning Links: Matchstick Edition

Must-read stories from around the art world

A matchstick in action.WIKIMEDIA

A matchstick in action.



Amy Qin tells the story of the unauthorized Anselm Kiefer show that just opened in Beijing. Kiefer is not happy about it! [The New York Times]

Flashback: It’s been a rough year for Kiefer. In August it was reported that robbers made off with 12 tons of marble and a 10-ton lead sculpture from his studio west of Paris. [The Art Newspaper]

Artists and Labor

Helen Marten “talks about escaping an essay farm to create a parallel world out of matchsticks, pipes, spoons and threads.” [The Guardian]

“Are domestic responsibilities at odds with becoming a great artist?” Siddhartha Deb and Dana Stevens tackle the topic. [The New York Times]

Miami, Denver, San Diego

A woman was robbed in the parking lot of the Pérez Art Museum Miami. She chased after him, which is very impressive, but was unable to catch him. [NBC Miami]

A Denver resident penned a letter to the editor noting a shortcoming of the Denver Art Museum’s current Star Wars show. [The Denver Post]

Christopher Hawthorne on a Louis Kahn retrospective at the San Diego Museum of Art. [Los Angeles Times]


Here’s a little guide to art on view in New York during the holiday season. [The New York Times]

Whoa! Keiichi Tanaami at Karma International in Zurich. [Contemporary Art Daily]

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