Daily Mail: Donald Trump Has Offered Sylvester Stallone ‘Top Art Job’

John Rambo, federal administrator for the arts. COURTESY IMDB

John Rambo, federal administrator for the arts.


The Daily Mail claims to have some inside info as to who will run the National Endowment for the Arts in the Trump administration, and guess what! It’s Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot star Sylvester Stallone, who, like many of the President-elect’s proposed appointees, is a very wealthy straight white man.

But he’s also a very wealthy straight white man who is somehow still making hit movies and winning Golden Globe awards, like he did with the 2015 Rocky movie Creed (which was actually pretty good, at least it was when I saw it on an airplane). More importantly, he’s an actor who has been riding the Trump train since day one, making him a rarity in a Hollywood landscape where most stars opposed the presidential campaign of a lying alleged rapist who has quite possibly never read a book. Witness Robert De Niro, who was in a boxing movie much better than Rocky. He said he wanted to punch Trump in the face. That would probably be easy—Trump’s got really small hands!

But then again, maybe it’s a grand idea to hand the reins of a federal agency with a budget of $150 million to a washed-up actor who, like Trump, once had his own line of bottled water—“Sly Water”—and pleaded guilty to smuggling 48 vials of human growth hormone into Australia. Why is this a good thing for the arts? Because Stallone is, after all, an artist: he’s represented by Galerie Gmurzynska, and his work has been in their booth at Art Basel Miami Beach, which is held in the city where, as The Bard put it, “It ain’t no surprise in the club you see Sly Stallone, Miami, my second home.”

Below, one of Stallone’s terrible paintings. Also there’s a good chance this is just not true.



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