2016: The Year in Review

Two Years of Turbulence for New York’s Galleries

The vacant space where Steven Stewart’s Kansas Gallery used to be. COURTESY STEVEN STEWART

The vacant space where Steven Stewart’s Kansas Gallery used to be.


New York’s gallery landscape has shifted many times over the last few decades, as dealers followed artists to new neighborhoods in search of cheaper rents. There have been a few seismic movements, from the rise and fall of SoHo, to the blip of a moment that was the East Village circuit in the 1980s, to the annexation of West Chelsea in the 1990s. Over the past two years, as some segments of the market have cooled, an alarming number of relatively established outfits—the Middle Class Galleries, if you will—shut their doors. Others have moved, on the hunt for less expensive real estate, more space, or both. Below, a look at some of the recent changes.

Mike WeissOctober 2016
Kansas GalleryOctober 2016
Lisa CooleyAugust 2016
Tracy Williams Ltd.July 2016
Clifton BeneventoMay 2016
Team GalleryApril 2016 (closed second space)
Laurel GitlenFebruary 2016
Feuer/MeslerNovember 2015 (closed second space)
Joe SheftelOctober 2015
WallspaceAugust 2015
BortolamiSpring 2017 (Chelsea to Tribeca)
Galerie PerrotinSpring 2017 (Upper East Side to Lower East Side)
Anton KernSpring 2017 (Chelsea to Midtown)
Martos GalleryEarly 2017 (Chelsea to Chinatown)
JTT November 2016 (Lower East Side to larger space L.E.S. space)
Karma  November 2016 (NoHo to Lower East Side to East Village)
Alexander and BoninOctober 2016 (Chelsea to Tribeca)
Chapter NY  September 2016 (Lower East Side to larger L.E.S space)

Elizabeth DeeSeptember 2016 (Chelsea to Harlem)
Gavin Brown’s EnterpriseMay 2016 (West Village to Harlem)
Foxy ProductionMarch 2016 (Chelsea to Chinatown)
Andrew EdlinDecember 2015 (Chelsea to Lower East Side)

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