A Reminder: Galleries and Museums Are Changing Their Hours for the Holidays

Florine Stettheimer, Christmas, ca. 1930–40.YALE UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY

Florine Stettheimer, Christmas, ca. 1930–40.


Good afternoon, dear readers. Just a reminder from your friends at ARTnews that, with the holidays coming up, quite a few art dealers and museums are changing their hours and some are even closing up until 2017.

Take it from us: it is really bleak feeling to show up at a gallery, expecting to revel in art, only to find a locked door. It hurts. No elixir, no potion, can make you feel better. So don’t make that mistake. Give your local institutions a ring before hitting the road to visit them.

If you find yourself at home, unable to view exhibitions, let us suggest some light reading. We have a series of Year in Review articles on offer that grows larger and richer each day. Have a look right here.

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