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Morning Links: Trump’s Border Wall Edition

A sketch for Christo's 1976 Running Fences (Project for the West Coast of USA). ©1972 CHRISTO

A sketch for Christo’s 1976 Running Fences (Project for the West Coast of USA).


Trumpian Happenings

Luis Camnitzer has started a petition to get President-elect Donald J. Trump to commission Christo to do the United States/Mexico wall. For Camnitzer, doing so would “transform a racist project into a public art event.” []

Jonathan Jones argues that the J20 Art Strike, in which various members of the art world are asking cultural institutions to close on the day before Trump is inaugurated, is “futile,” and says that “cultural elites cannot effect change.” [The Guardian]

Republican representative Duncan Hunter gives his reasons for why he removed his Democratic colleague’s painting about Ferguson from a wall in the Capitol building. [Fox News]

Prizes and Distinctions

Finally, New York will get the plinth it deserves, on the High Line, which in 2018 will be home to a permanent stage for art. Simone Leigh and Haim Steinbach are among those being considered to do the inaugural work. [The New York Times]

Abbas Akhavan, Rochelle Goldberg, and Eva Kot’átková will have three-month residencies at Alexander Calder’s former studio in France’s Loire Valley. [The Art Newspaper]

Laurie Anderson and Lawrence Weiner have won the 2017 Wolf Prize, which comes with $100,000. [Artforum]


Visitors to the Detroit Institute of Arts can use VR-enabled devices to see a skeleton inside a sarcophagus and view an ancient Mesopotamian relief in its original colors. [PC Magazine]

The Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in Portland, Oregon, has ejected its founder, Bryan Suereth, following a leadership dispute. [The Oregonian]

These are 2017’s top selfie-worthy museum shows. Click at your own risk. [The Wall Street Journal]


Real estate and energy investor Jeff Greene discusses his collection, which includes five paintings currently on view in the Museum of Modern Art’s Francis Picabia show. [Palm Beach Daily News]

In its fourth edition, the Fog Design+Art fair in San Francisco is “clearly a success.” [The San Francisco Chronicle]

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