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Consumer Reports: Zac Segbedzi


Zac Segbedzi.


Zac Segbedzi is an Australian artist working in various media. He is currently the co-director of Suicidal Oil Piglet Gallery in Melbourne, Australia, and he runs the high-quality website with Calum Lockey, among other endeavors. Recent solo and group exhibitions include “Street Art: thanks but i can make my own shitty reality” at Punk Cafe in Melbourne, the Tarrawarra Biennial in Melbourne, “SAURSAZOBOMB,” an offsite show in Berlin, and “Backstreet Driver” at Interstate Projects in Brooklyn.

This condensed Consumer Report sees Segbedzi watching a decent amount of online food-related programs (a self-admitted guilty pleasure) as well as giving his take on the state of Australian contemporary art. There is also a trip to Ikea, music from 21 Savage, and plenty of memes. All that and more, below. —John Chiaverina

Sunday Night

7:43 p.m.

Kat gave me this book by Hana Pera Aoke (title unknown) about I Love Dick-style obsession with Tim Gentles (lol)… Was funny to see my name in there, but wasn’t completely satisfied… Said to Calum: it’s hitting all the right points, jus not extrapolating with devilish lateral force.

Craving malice… Remember that George wrote some review of Mathieu Malouf’s show at Jenny’s, ask Calum which mag it’s in.


Make a list of things to read for the sake of this interview(?).
Trying not to do art this week… Addictive tendencies, need a break…

Apparently they put a security guard next to my work at Tarrawarra lol?
My dad thinks my painting was a death threat… lol, it was


7:59 p.m.

Calum and I enjoyed Simon Denny’s consumer reports…
I like how evil he is.


What about Australia and NZ turns everyone into anxious wrecks? Is it desperate need to obfuscate complicity/colonial guilt? … Boredom…

Wish there was more of an oceanic art scene/network… NZ art is aight. Not as dogshit as Australian art.image19


8:24 p.m.

*it goes down in the dm
*cut it
*shot caller
*off the rip

Kardashians got me into French.
That ep where he can’t say charlatan…

image0311:03 p.m.

*jeremih album on repeat.
Me and my 13 yr old sister have the same fave song.


11:12 p.m.

Click through all open tabs (will never read)

– Project free tv links for KUWTK (that last Cuba episode was aight… frustrated that new ep is delayed)
– My website/Melbourne Offsite Index (obsessively monitor in narcissistic spiral)


– Merlin’s trash blog… (Looked through the email list… For some reason he has the email of someone from Darren Knight Gallery… Dogshit Australian gallery)


I remember Tim Gentles tweet… Check his twitter but it’s on private now… Something like
‘I’m obsessed with networking and trying to find a job’
‘If only I hadnt been obsessed with esoteric subcultures since I was 12 years old’


11:54 p.m.
Re-read Winslow’s “yoink” zine

Jared Madere’s press release for his show…Calum was like ‘dude played all his cards and he had the weakest hand’ … LOL! THE PREVIOUS DISCURSIVE REGIME!!!… He oppressed yo


*21 savage – red opps/savage mode (wish i could make art as cold as this)
*lil uzi vert – money longer (this clip is deranged)
*gucci – pussy print (narcissistic tendencies with psychopathic pockets)
*gucci – cant sleep
*timmy turner



11:00 a.m.

Various Munchies episodes (my guilty pleasure)
Being Frank (show about the two freaks who run frankies spuntino)
Wanted to be a chef but don’t like speed or standing up.

I saw Renee Redzepi on the street in cph.


12:44 p.m.

*kodak black- hollywood
*f*ck da world


*little haiti
the bit where he screams

I just wanna go back to the Bentley store
I just wanna go back to the Lamb’ store
I just wanna buy another Rover though

Those 3 lines better than that lil self flagellating rag doll.
Still like J. Wolfson tho.


I saw Leonardo DiCaprio at David Zwirner when I was in NY.


1:36 p.m.

*rich sex

Talk to Evie about the first show in my cupboard gallery this weekend…


Google search micro penis for poster inspo… Mostly pictures of Hitler… lol


Remember Liam telling me about Eric Schmidt micro penis selfie… Went to Kavita B. Schmidt show at the new Eli Ping space when i was in NY…
I left to go get food and someone said they were scared i got shot…?


*niki minaj – all eyes
*french- moses



*lil durk- like me
*my beyonce (so cute)

*dis aint what u want (revisit drill glory days)


2:42 p.m.

More Being Frank…
Danny Bowien is such a poser but I guess Mission Chinese is kind of like the restaurant version of offsite shows? (uh-oh)


The Franks go into The Andes to get these algal orbs that grow in bodies of water at high altitude called coshuro or ‘Andean caviar’…



11:49 a.m.

I went to Ikea.


I think I listened to that 21 savage mix tape a few times.. Read the Ikea catalogues.. Probably watched a bunch more cooking things.

12:30 p.m.


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