Richard Prince Just Can’t Stop Tweeting Videos of Cars Running Over Posters of Donald Trump!

For the past few days, Richard Prince has been going to the window in his studio in East Harlem and filming the street below, where cars continue to run over giant posters of Donald Trump’s face. This is just the latest anti-Trump statement by Prince: earlier this month, he disowned one of his works that was in the collection of Ivanka Trump and returned the money he received from the sale. [Update, January 28: Note that one video, which had been embedded below, has been removed from Prince’s account. The caption remains.]

Look, it’s not like a video on Richard Prince’s Twitter feed will push back against fascism all that much, but it’s pretty satisfying to watch people run over President Trump’s face. What about when the guy in the Entenmann’s Little Bites truck hesitates for a second, and then says to hell with it and just runs it over? Comedy gold!

Given that he’s tweeted the same image as the one seen on the poster, one can assume that it’s Prince himself printing these things out and placing them on the street. If you run up to East 124th Street quick enough maybe you can snag it! Your own Richard Prince, albeit one caked in tire tracks. Hopefully he won’t disown it.

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