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Pioneer Works Announces 2017 Residency Recipients


Pioneer Works.


Pioneer Works, the Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary arts nonprofit, announced today its slate of residents for 2017 in three categories: visual arts, music, and tech.

The 13 visual arts residents were chosen from a pool of some 650 open-call applications for the program, which began in 2012 and provides free open-plan studio space at the organization’s 25,000-square-foot campus in Red Hook. Regine Basha, who joined Pioneer Works last October as residency director, and David Everitt Howe, a curator at Pioneer Works and editor at Bomb magazine, along with past residents Gerard & Kelly and Studio Museum curator Amanda Hunt, served on the jury for the visual-art category.

About her aspirations for the program, Basha told ARTnews, “My job is making sure there’s crossover between all the residents—that they meet the other artists, meet the scientists—and engage and collaborate if they want. The residency program is about tweaking and pulling out some connective tissue between the artists and our own in-house facilities.”

The music and tech residencies are nominated by peer review. Greg Fox, director of music development and a former resident at the space, oversaw the music residency nominations. Pioneer Works technology integrator David Sheinkopf and technology programs manager Bethany Tabor oversaw the tech residency nominations.

The full list of residents follows below.

Spring 2017, Visual Arts
—Evelyn Donnelly
—Jes Fan
—Mario Navarro
—Angel Nevarez/Valerie Tevere
—Kenya Robinson
—SKOTE (Jill Pangallo & Alex P. White)
—Pascual Sisto

Fall 2017, Visual Arts
—Genesis Belanger
—Camel Collective
—Tahir Karmali
—Nathaniel Lewis
—Lior Shvil
—Carlos Rosales-Silva

2017, Music
—Quay Dash
—Maria Kim Grand
—Susie lbarra
—Eli Keszler
—Keita Sano
—Colin Self

2017, Tech
—Grisha Coleman
—Sam Lavigne
—Ziv Schneider

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