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Morning Links: The Groundhog Day Edition

A groundhog, irrational oracle for an irrational world.MAX PIXEL

A groundhog, irrational oracle for an irrational world.



It’s Groundhog Day! Staten Island Chuck, more dignified than that pompous pretender Punxsutawney Phil, says we’ll have an early spring. [NY1]

Silicon Valley “squillionaires” aren’t feeling the art market. But, then, some are—and maybe more will follow? [Bloomberg]

Lovely Mugs

Beyoncé is pregnant with twins—and who doesn’t make such an announcement in a veil and lingerie? Read the scoop on the artist who took the photo. [ARTnews]

The Uffizi will pay more attention to women, starting with a Renaissance painter nun, thanks in part to sentiments expressed by the Guerrilla Girls. [The Art Newspaper]

Painted portraits of African-American figureheads will grace a wall in Buffalo as part of a public-art project by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. [Buffalo News]

Holland Cotter on tattoos. [The New York Times]


Noted collector and museum impresario Eli Broad wrote a letter in strong opposition to education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos. [The Washington Post]

J. Paul Getty Trust’s president, James Cuno, comes out fervently against Trump’s travel ban. [The Iris]


On surreal art from World War II–era Egypt by way of the Cairo-based avant-garde group Art et Liberté. [Art in America]

Big screens in New York will be given over to artists—including Cory Arcangel, Casey Jane Ellison, and esteemed Beyoncé photographer Awol Erizku—for the 40th anniversary of the Public Art Fund. [The Art Newspaper]

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