On Presidents’ Day, a Chance to Reflect


Old Glory.


As the nation takes rest on the occasion of Presidents’ Day, let us pause to reflect on what has transpired in the U.S. since the election. Below, a rundown of a select few recent articles on the art world’s tenor and tone since November 8, 2016.

– “ ‘Dear Ivanka, Your Daddy Is Scary as Hell’: Art Workers Address President-Elect’s Daughter in New York Protest,” by Andrew Russeth

– “Booths at Art Basel Miami Beach Take on Trump as Art World Reacts to the Election Results,” by Nate Freeman

– “Nasty Women: An Exhibition in Queens Takes on Trump,” by Angela Brown

– “Report: Trump Administration Planning Budget Cuts That Would Eliminate the NEA, NEH,” by Alex Greenberger

– “ ‘Speak Out on Inauguration Day’: Words at the Whitney Museum Take Aim at Trump,” by Andy Battaglia and Andrew Russeth

– “Richard Prince Just Can’t Stop Tweeting Videos of Cars Running Over Posters of Donald Trump!” by Nate Freeman

– “In Elegant Riposte to Trump’s Travel Order, MoMA Installs Works by Artists From Banned Muslim Countries,” by Andrew Russeth

– “Artists, Curators, Writers, and a Museum Sign Letter Opposing Trump Travel Ban,” by Andrew Russeth

– “Protesting Trump, Wellesley’s Davis Museum Will Remove From View Works Made or Donated by Immigrants to the United States,” by Andrew Russeth

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