Goddess Shreds in Stella Blizzard 2017!

1The Great Kat, a Juilliard-trained virtuoso on guitar and violin, would like it to be known that no snowstorm currently crippling the Northeast is going to stop her from shredding as a person of such talents could and—at least in certain instances—probably should. In a statement sent to press, her shredding status was affirmed and supported by photos dated March 14, 2017.

Galleries and museums might be closed, but the Great Kat has sounds on offer on her website, sure to warm up any snow day.

Consider them in advance of what the news release promises is a “NEW GREAT KAT SHREDCLASSICAL DVD COMING in 2017,” with takes on Vivaldi, Liszt, Sarasate, Bazzini, and more. Other points of distinction include the honor of being named one of the “TOP 10 FASTEST SHREDDERS OF ALL TIME” by Guitar One magazine and a song, “Right Brain Lover,” purportedly created in collaboration with Timothy Leary. (The existence of the song has an air of mystery about it, but there is record of it in Leary’s papers in the New York Public Library.)


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