Calling All Collectors: Handwritten Tupac Lyrics for Sale, Rap Sheets for the Ages

Tupac Shakur in 1992. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Tupac Shakur in 1992. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The online memorabilia site is selling three pages of original notebook paper used by the late rapper Tupac to scribe lyrics for his eternal classic “Dear Mama,” TMZ reports. The pages are selling for $25,000 a pop.

The song’s three verses are broken up by page, which, in addition to lyrics, include the artist’s signature as well as additional information. The first page’s margins feature the names of rappers Ice Cube and Yo Yo, whose inclusion, as TMZ points out, might be due to the possibility that Tupac was considering them for guest roles on the song. The bottom of the third page includes “a much more graphic note” that deals with Tupac’s time in prison and tribulations in the music industry.

The pages of lyrics are not the only pieces of rap-related ephemera available on The website additionally has several harrowing artifacts from the East Coast/West Coast rivalry that pervaded in hip-hop during the first half of the 1990s. These include (descriptions via the Moments In Time website): “The Car in which Biggie Smalls was killed” and “Tupac’s bullet dented crown medallion worn when shot in 1994.” The prices of those? $1.5 Million and $125,000, respectively.

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