Pictures at an Exhibition

Pansy Ass Ceramics at DAIS Gallery, Toronto

Installation view of "PansyAss: GAG," 2017, at DAIS Gallery, Toronto. COURTESY THE ARTISTS

Installation view of “Pansy Ass Ceramics: GAG,” 2017, at DAIS Gallery, Toronto.


Pictures at an Exhibition presents images of one notable show every weekday.

Today’s show: “Pansy Ass Ceramics: GAG” is on view at DAIS Gallery in Toronto through today, March 21. The solo exhibition presents recent work by the duo, made up of Andy Walker and Kris Aaron.

Below, the duo’s statement of the exhibition:

Gag is a collection of art work inspired by the fetish world and gay culture. “Gagging” is a slang term primarily used by gay men in the early to mid 90s, used when something is so fierce you can’t help but wanting to gag from the overload of extreme ferocity. With the show we delve into themes of gagging as a fetish or something that gives us pleasure to it being a symbol for the silence of so many LGBTQ worldwide.

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