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Morning Links: Thousands of Colorful Shoelaces Edition

Nari Ward's We the People (black version), 2015.COURTESY CRYSTAL BRIDGES MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART

Nari Ward’s We the People (black version), 2015.



At Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas, many and sundry helped with the installation of We the People, a new acquisition comprising “thousands of colorful shoelaces”—the museum is not sure exactly how many—by the artist Nari Ward. [Arkansas Online]

Native American art will show in the American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a momentous change attending the acquisition of works from the collection of Charles and Valerie Diker. [The New York Times]

A big-data survey of info wrangled online by the Met, with charts and graphs addressing 446,123 objects in “a data set born of paint and pens, of scepters and swords.” [FiveThirtyEight]


Arnold Lehman, former director of the Brooklyn Museum, opens up his home and shows us his wall. [The New York Times]

A look at the sartorial styles on show in “Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern” at the Brooklyn Museum. [The New Yorker]

In news that does not resist the temptation to cite the designation “high art,” the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia has a show of glass water pipes in “what is being called the first exhibit of bongs in a museum setting.” [Fox News]


Sings like a canary about the guns but stays mum on the art—an 81-year-old Boston mobster who some think may know a thing or two about a heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum takes his next step at trial. [Reuters]

An impassioned missive in support of the NEA from Rhizome, an arts enterprise that ranks among “countless served, empowered, and saved by the funding body.” [Rhizome]


Andres Serrano talks about his 2001 photograph The Interpretation of Dreams (White Nigger). [The Guardian]

See some wondrously colorful paintings by Lamar Peterson. [The Paris Review]

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