Adult Baby: John Waters Is Doing a Summer Camp for Grown-Ups



The modern world is incredible. If you wait long enough, your favorite cult celebrity will probably end up hosting a cruise or summer camp of some sort. Enter Camp John Waters, a new venture from the esteemed movie director and 2017 Venice Biennale participant taking place at the Connecticut-based adult summer camp grounds Club Getaway.

As previously reported by numerous outlets and today in Dazed, the weekend is slated for September 2017 and will include a John Waters One Man Show, Hairspray Karaoke, and a marathon of the director’s films, among many other attractions, some more traditional (s’mores), and others more bespoke (Bloody Mary Bingo). Each camper will also be given an autographed copy of Water’s most recent book, Make Trouble, from which the director will read.

The Waters camp combines two of the more absurd developments in contemporary leisure: the celebrity-based getaway (see also: the Gronk Cruise) and a certain recreational aesthetic that seems to advocate for a sort of developmental purgatory (see also: young professionals who participate in adult kickball leagues). But, hey, as far as these things go, camping with a vetted legend like John Waters is pretty much a best-case scenario.

Packages start at $499 (though, at the time of writing, the camp is marked as “sold out”). Though there is one attraction titled “Scotch & Cigars,” alcohol is not included in the price of admission.

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