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Morning Links: Turner Prize Finalists Edition

A promotional poster for Mr. Turner.

A promotional poster for Mr. Turner.

The Turner Prize

The finalists for the prize that so many love to discuss, debate, and malign is out, and it includes Lubaina Himid, Hurvin Anderson, Andrea Büttner, and Rosalind Nashashibi. [The New York Times]


It’s looking like the National Endowment for the Arts, whose funding was on the chopping block in a proposed budget from the Trump White House, could actually see a very modest increase in its budget. [Los Angeles Times/The Art Newspaper]

Cornelia Parker has been tapped to be the first official artist of the general election in the United Kingdom. OK! [The Irish News]


So you want to “make the most of the Louvre,” do you? The New York Times has a formidable package for you, rich with photos and videos. [The New York Times]


Adrian Searle gives four stars (out of five) to Jordan Wolfson’s show at Sadie Coles HQ in London, which includes new works. [The Guardian]

“He gave friends positive reviews, enemies negative reviews, and usually made sure his own music was reviewed by a stringer (occasionally he did it himself).” Christopher Carroll on Virgil Thomson. [The New York Review of Books]

Be Safe

With the opening of the Venice Biennale only a week away, some reminders: in 2011, dealer Michele Maccarone broke her nose in La Serenissima… [Artnet Magazine]

…and in 2015, a bunch of people fell into the Grand Canal when a walkway at the Fondazione Prada collapsed. Watch where you walk! [Mirror]

And More
Among other interesting passages in this profile of chef Thomas Keller is the news that around 80 percent of visitors to the French Laundry, his flagship restaurant in Napa, pay a visit to the kitchen to snap a photo. [The New York Times]

Asher Penn’s art-selling website Available Works has launched. [Available Works]

McDonald’s has invented a “frork,” a fork made of French fries. [NBC News]

Here are photos of works by Liz Craft and Pentti Monkkonen at LISZT at Berlin. [Contemporary Art Daily]

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