2017 Venice Biennale

Imhof Let the Dogs Out . . .

Imhof's dogs.ARTNEWS

Imhof’s dogs.


. . . or, more accurately, she’s keeping them in.

One aspect of Anne Imhof’s installation, called Faust, in the German Pavilion is the metal cage, attached to the front of the pavilion, that contains four energetic Dobermans. (If this sounds like it has an especially creepy resonance at a German Pavilion inaugurated by the Nazi government in 1938, be assured that it does.) The dogs on one side of the pavilion are often barking . . . but at what?

Geoffrey Farmer’s Canada Pavilion, of course! To match the tree that has always jutted through the roof of that structure, Farmer has cleverly installed a geyser-like fountain that goes off at irregular intervals, getting Imhof’s dogs all riled up.

So, there’s one for those of you who appreciate Biennale humor. Let the pavilions get along as well as their nations do!

Farmer's Canadian Pavilion.ARTNEWS

Farmer’s Canadian Pavilion.


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