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Face to Face: Mounira Al Solh Presents a Suite of Portraits at Documenta’s Glass Pavilions

Installation view of Mounira Al Sohl, I Strongly Believe in Our Right to Be Frivolous, 2012–17, in Kassel. ARTNEWS

One of the most charmingly named venues at Documenta 14 in Kassel—even more charming than Tofufabrik (an old tofu factory)—is the stretch of structures known as the Glass Pavilions on Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse. These pavilions are not quite as fancy as they sound—they’re a row of slightly rundown standalone stores along the sidewalk—but they are excellent exhibition spaces, since they can effectively be open at all hours, with work always visible through their large windows. Seven artists have each taken over a location, including the great Lebanese artist Mounira Al Solh. In the basement of her space, along a low shelf, she is showing about 140 portraits she has been drawing for the past five years of Middle Eastern and North African immigrants in Athens and Kassel who are on their way to becoming citizens. They are, in short, stunning.

The video above provides a glimpse, but I would recommend pausing along the way to see individual pieces.

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