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Morning Links: Insect Wings (and Many Other Things!) Edition

Still from Stan Brakhage’s 1986 film Night Music.



Kurt Schwitters’s Merz Barn in England is at risk of being demolished unless finances can be righted. Appreciators of Dada barns, unite! [The Guardian]

Here’s a tribute to the experimental-film maestro Stan Brakhage, on the occasion of a new book of interviews with a man who once glued insect wings (and many other things!) to celluloid. [The New York Review of Books]

Times of the Times

Roberta Smith is underwhelmed with a new installation at the Park Avenue Armory by Ai Weiwei and the architects Herzog & de Meuron. The work “encourages further variations on the snow-angel selfie” and comes across as little more than “a kind of thinking person’s ‘Rain Room.’ ” [The New York Times]

Jason Farago digs the moving (like, literally moving) Alexander Calder works now on view in the Whitney Museum’s new exhibition “Calder: Hypermobility.” [The New York Times]

Here’s what hangs on the walls of Bruce Berman, “Hollywood’s most ardent photography collector.” [The New York Times]


Google has gotten into the fashion-archiving game by way of “We Wear Culture,” a new initiative that just launched online. [The Washington Post]

“The Playful Provocations (and Erotic Kaftans) of the Lebanese Artist Huguette Caland.” [The New Yorker]

Overnight to Many Distant Cities

Here’s a comprehensive roundup of what’s good in the galleries these days in Washington, D.C. [The Washington Post]

Get the lay of the land of all the best exhibitions now in Los Angeles. [Los Angeles Times]


Taryn Simon’s “The Innocents” series, featuring portraits of people who were wrongfully convicted, is going on show this summer at Guild Hall in the Hamptons. [The Art Newspaper]

A disquieting photo by Olivia Parker shows one of the earliest signs of her late husband’s Alzheimer’s disease. [The Guardian]

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