Münster Notebook: An Annotated Tour of Skulptur Projekte 2017

Nicole Eisenman, Sketch for a Fountain, 2017, along the Promenade.

Think of the world’s great figurative fountains—enormous heroic musclemen grappling with sea creatures, enormous heroic musclemen who are sea creatures, and nymphets and mermaids being nymphets and mermaids—and now forget them. Nicole Eisenman’s fountain turns the very concept of a fountain on its head. Her figures are chillaxing. One reclines, resting an overflowing beer on her stomach; one is misted by a snail who sits on her shoulder. One test of a great artwork is that people want to spend time with it, and everyone seemed to want to spend time with Eisenman’s fountain: kids, adults, dogs. Nearby a group of bunny rabbits nibbled on grass. Historically, fountains were meant to embody a city’s image. Please, let this fountain remain, and be Munster’s.