Münster Notebook: An Annotated Tour of Skulptur Projekte 2017

Oscar Tuazon, Burn the Formwork, 2017, in an open area between Hafengrenzweg and Albersloher Weg.

It was a warm day when I went to go see Oscar Tuazon’s sturdy concrete oven, which made the fire burning inside it all the more awesome to behold. The area in which it’s situated features some dumped garbage, a dinky little skatepark, and abandoned-looking industrial lots—a nice place for a big cookout, or illicit activity. (See the police coming? Burn the evidence.) I don’t think I’ve ever been able to walk up and around a working furnace before—that is an trick. Anyone can make a fire in it—the artist has provided big stacks of logs and kindling. Given the burns and scuffs that this thing has already accumulated, I suspect it’s going to look wonderfully grimy after a few months of use. Tuazon is counting on it.