Münster Notebook: An Annotated Tour of Skulptur Projekte 2017

Hito Steyerl, HellYeahWeFuckDie, 2017, at LBS West.

On several video monitors, robots are kicked and prodded to better equip themselves to save people in disaster zones. On another video monitor, children in a disaster zone in the Middle East ask Siri if robots save people in disaster zones, and when those robots will be coming to save them. And a woman tells a story about a 12th-century scholar who invented a robot who could make music. It’s the usual abstract narrative from Hito Steyerl, one that digs into the world’s current anxieties. Letters inside light boxes that double as benches spell out, in all caps, HELL YEAH WE FUCKDIE. The piece is made all the more poignant by its setting, the rather sterile, corporate lobby of the LBS West office building, which houses several futuristic-looking works by Zero Group artists like Heinz Mack.