Münster Notebook: An Annotated Tour of Skulptur Projekte 2017

The entrance to the video room for Mika Rottenberg, Cosmic Generator, 2017, at Gartenstraße 29.

Tucked in a backroom of a former Asian market, this video was one of the harder-to-find works in Münster. Classic Rottenberg, the piece ventures down a series of trippy tunnels, entered via holes underneath the metal domes used to keep plates warm. They seem to connect businesses on opposite sides of the U.S.-Mexico border as well as the stalls at the sprawling markets in Yiwu, China. The piece reveals a hidden network of women workers, surreptitiously communicating. The men, meanwhile, are ridiculous: a series of miniature Mike Pence clones writhe on a plate, and a man dressed as a taco wanders about, never quite becoming part of the action