A Recent History of Small and Mid-Size Galleries Closing [Updated]


The following post has been updated to include gallery closures internationally. Hat tip to the Twitter account of collector Alain Servais, who keeps assiduous track of these things, under the hashtag #groworgo.—The Editors

Last fall, Nate Freeman, senior staff writer here at ARTnews, took a close look at the struggle of what he called the “middle-class gallery,” looking at the situation in New York. And just this past weekend, the New York Times reported on the same subject; the article names a bunch of small and midsize galleries have shut their doors recently, but gives no numbers. It’s difficult to account for all closures, and galleries don’t all close for the same reasons (pressure from art fairs, for instance, or rising rents, or reduced foot traffic). Nevertheless, the numbers are remarkable. To the best of our count, internationally, in the three years between 2012 and 2015, there were only a handful of notable closures—around 12. By contrast, the following two years (2015 to the present) have seen 46—with 31 of those happening in the past year alone.

Here’s a rundown of some of the major closures, from 2012 to the present, with links to related articles. It’s interesting to look back at the earliest one listed here. When Margo Leavin Gallery closed up shop in West Hollywood in August 2012 after more than four decades in business, gallery associate Wendy Brandow told the Los Angeles Times, “People are approaching art differently today. They’re not seeking out the thoughtful, complete statement that artists make when they create gallery exhibitions. The exhibitions have been such an important part of what we do, and they are no longer valued as much by the public.”

May–June 2017
Envoy Enterprises, New York
On Stellar Rays, New York
Acme, Los Angeles
CRG Gallery, New York
Wilkinson, London
Fluxus, Barcelona
Silberkuppe, Berlin
White Rainbow, London

January–April 2017
Ibid, London
Vilma Gold, London
Sandra Gering Inc, New York
Limoncello, London
Andrea Rosen, New York
Feuer/Mesler, New York
Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Ferndale, Michigan
Murray Guy, New York

September–December 2016
Mike Weiss Gallery, New York
Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles
Young Art, Los Angeles
Kansas, New York
D+T, Brussels
RaeberVonStenglin, Zurich
Torri, Paris
Vanessa Quang Gallery, Paris

June–August 2016
Lisa Cooley, New York
Robert Miller Gallery, New York
Tracy Williams, Ltd., New York
Rosamund Felsen Gallery, New York
MOT Intl, London
Boetzelaer Nispen, Amsterdam
Jeanine Hofland, Amsterdam

January-May 2016
Clifton Benevento, New York
Thomas Duncan Gallery, Los Angeles
Laurel Gitlen, New York
AB Contemporary, Zurich
Ana Cristea, New York

Mixed Greens, New York
Joe Sheftel, New York
Wallspace, New York
McKee Gallery, New York
Catherine Bastide, Brussels
Manny Silverman, Los Angeles
Faggionato, London
Lombard Fried, New York
Elisa Platteau, Brussels
Schleicher/Lange, Berlin

Churner & Churner, New York
Harris Lieberman, New York
Nicole Klagsbrun, New York
Donald Young Gallery, Chicago
Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles
Yvon Lambert, Paris
Sonnabend, New York
DCKT, New York
Florent Tosin, Berlin
Klagsbrun, New York
Jerome de Noirmont, Paris
D’Amelio, New York

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