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ADAA Adds Four New Members, Including Andrew Kreps Gallery and Luxembourg & Dayan

This year’s edition of the ADAA Art Show.


The Art Dealers Association of America has added four new members: Andrew Kreps Gallery (of New York), Di Donna Galleries (New York), Luxembourg & Dayan (New York and London), and McClain Gallery (Houston, Texas). These galleries will join a network that includes 176 galleries around the United States.

As in the past, the new galleries had to undergo a year-long process that included obtaining a nomination from a current member, as well as three additional letters of support. A selection committee and a board of directors then approved their nominations.

Adam Sheffer, the president of the ADAA, said in a statement, “We are delighted and proud to welcome these four renowned galleries as new members of the ADAA. Through the wide range of artists and estates with which they collaborate, their diverse specialties, and vital contributions to art historical scholarship, each of these galleries will make important additions to our association. These four galleries advance the unique expertise and best practices that the ADAA represents and upholds.”

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