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Morning Links: Beheaded Nicole Eisenman Sculpture Edition

Nicole Eisenman’s Skulptur Projekte Münster works.



Vandals have run away with the head of a sculpture Nicole Eisenman produced for Skulptur Projekte Münster. [Artforum]

“Did an Israeli student steal Auschwitz artifacts for an art exhibit?” [The Washington Post]

Three Francis Bacon paintings that were stolen in Madrid two years ago have been recovered. [The Art Newspaper]

Funding the Arts

A bill that would fund the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities has passed a preliminary House of Representatives committee. [The New York Times]

It’s official: action star Keanu Reeves has launched his own line of art books. [The AV Club]

Borrowing and Acquiring

The Getty Museum has acquired 16 expensive works from a British Collector. The acquisition, which includes pieces by Michelangelo and Parmigianino, is the greatest expenditure on art in the museum’s history. [The New York Times]

The Minneapolis Art Lending Library allows city residents to borrow art free of charge. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

Biennials and Triennials

Daisuke Tsuda is now the artistic director of the 2019 Aichi Triennale. [Artforum]


See how New Yorkers thought of performance art in the ’70s with a cute cartoon from the December 7, 1979 issue of the Village Voice. [The Kitchen/Instagram]

The true story of a teenager wound up photographing Joan Jett, David Bowie, and others in the ’70s. [Vice]

Battling Plantlife

This November, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will launch a project called Neural Exchange, in which performers will look like fighting bushes, thanks to a program that analyzes their movements. [Unframed]

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