Morning Links: Pope Francis Edition

Pope Francis blesses a painting.



Yesterday would have been Andy Warhol’s 89th birthday. In Pittsburgh, his native city, fans are flocking to his grave. [The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

And here’s a look at the Warhol show at the High Museum in Atlanta, which is up until September 3. [WXIA11]

And it’s of some cosmic significance that August 6 is also the birthday of Richard Prince. To celebrate, let’s look at some of his monochromatic joke paintings. [Richard Prince Website]

The Italian Summer

There’s a new documentary about Pope Francis’s devotion to the arts. [JSTOR Daily]

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence had to shut down due to a sweltering heatwave that swept through the city. [The Washington Post]

Ohio Happenings

The Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, now has a new owner. Dr. Everett Gevedon picked up the property for $125,000. [The Daily Independent]

The Cleveland Museum of Art is hoping to increase its attendance to a million visitors annually by next year. []

London’s Museums

A ten-year-old budding archeologist correctly pointed out that the wall text at the Natural History Museum in London was wrong. The museum wrote to him to say it had amended the exhibition. [NPR]

Two London institutions, the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, are feuding over plans for expansion. [The Telegraph]

Rock News

In honor of the jam band Phish’s 13-show run at Madison Square Garden, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio made an official proclamation that August 6, 2017, has been ratified Phish Day. [NYC Mayor’s Office]

And the entire discography of legendary Washington, D.C., hardcore label Dischord Records is now free to stream online, at Bandcamp. You should probably go listen to some Nation of Ulysses or Rites of Spring right now. [Open Culture]

Events Out West

Lawrence Weiner was honored at the Aspen Art Museum’s annual ArtCrush party. [Instagram]

The Seattle Art Fair opened with work brought by 100 participants. [The Seattle Times]


Martin Roth, the German museum director who led the Victoria and Albert Museum in London until stepping down in 2016, has died. [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung]

Writers on Artists

Jason Farago looks into the wild world of Cindy Sherman’s Instagram account, which she recently made public. It contains both “quotidian ’grams of sunsets and lunches” and “distorted selfies, deformed by unnatural smudges, copious flares and kaleidoscopic reflections.” Farago says he finds the selfies “by turns outlandish, hilarious and poignant.” [The New York Times]

Andrea K. Scott has a nice overview on everything Darren Bader, timed to the artist’s life-sized participatory chess board work that’s up on the High Line. “Somewhere, Duchamp, a lifelong chess player, is smiling,” Scott writes. [The New Yorker]

And More! 

Chelsea Clinton stopped by the Parrish Art Museum in Watermill and said she was “in awe” of the Clifford Ross works. [Twitter]

Here’s a look at Rafael Ferrer’s show at Freddy in Harris, New York. [Contemporary Art Daily]

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