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Morning Links: Epicurean Edition [Updated]

A marble bust of Epicurus, a Roman copy of a Greek original, from around the 3rd century to 2nd century B.C.


Market Matters

London gallery Laura Bartlett has closed after 12 years in business. Its roster included Cyprien Gaillard, Sol Calero, and Alex Olson. [Monopol via Artforum]

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London will charge “a gobsmacking £30” (about $39) for tickets to its Pink Floyd show during its final weekend. [The Art Newspaper]

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has acquired an Adrian Ghenie painting as a gift from the Abrishamchi Family Collection. [Unframed]

Illicit Activity

German authorities have recovered 15 works by painter Georg Baselitz that were reportedly stolen. They are estimated to be worth $2.9 million. [Associated Press/Star Tribune]

In what sounds like a plot ripe for a film adaptation or a video meditation on surveillance, Major League Baseball investigators believe that the Boston Red Sox used an Apple Watch to steal hand signals from the Yankees. The Red Sox, for their part, say that the Yankees have been using a camera from their YES network to steal signs. [The New York Times]


Painter Sean Scully gives a glimpse of his art collection for the “Show Us Your Wall” column. He owns work by Serge Poliakoff and Damien Hirst, and mentions that he was recently in the company of Bono. Though he can’t afford eight-figure de Koonings, “If you understand something, you own it,” he says. [The New York Times]

Deborah Solomon profiles David Hockney, who will have a retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in November. He just turned 80, but is still smoking vigorously. “Churchill smoked 10 cigars a day for 70 years,” he said. [The New York Times]

The Museum of Modern Art has put together a wide-ranging online tour of Robert Rauschenberg’s New York City. [MoMA]


The Louvre Abu Dhabi now has an opening date: November 11. (Note: The morning newsletter misstated the opening date. We regret the error.) The emirate is paying $525 million for the Louvre name and $750 million for French managers to oversee some 300 loans. However, the AP reports: “Public relations officials at Wednesday’s announcement nevertheless insisted the Associated Press not refer to the museum as a ‘branch’ of the Louvre, without providing an explanation.” [AP/The Washington Post]

The Berkshire Museum has left the Smithsonian’s affiliates program, since the museum plans to sell works from its collection and use the funds to increase its endowment, a move that has received criticism from professional organizations. [The Berkshire Eagle]

The Danforth Art Museum, which has struggled financially, is aiming to merge with Framingham State University in Massachusetts. The town of Framingham needs to sign off on the plan, which would rechristen the museum as the Danforth Art Center at Framingham State University and move ownership of its permanent collection to the Framingham State University Foundation. [Boston Globe]

Motor Vehicles

Curator Ceci Moss has started “a nomadic, nonprofit art platform located in a converted step truck” called Gas. It’s based in Los Angeles at the moment. [Hyperallergic]

“This $209,000 convertible is your next step after a Porsche 911.” (It’s a McLaren 570S Spider.) [Bloomberg]

The Talent

The Dayton Art Institute in Ohio has tapped Jerry N. Smith, who previously served as chief curator and interim director at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida, to be its new chief curator. [Artforum]

And More

Please enjoy these photographs of Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff’s show at Cabinet in London. [Contemporary Art Daily]

Bob Armstrong “owns approximately 1,500 puzzles from all over the world,” and selections from his collection are on view at the Briarwood Retirement Community in Worcester, Massachusetts. [Telegram & Gazette]

Classics professor Rhiannon Evans and philosophy professor Sonya Wurster discuss Epicureanism in the ancient world. [Player FM]

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