The grants recognize artists creating net art projects.



Rhizome Names Winners of 2017 Microgrants

A new project by Eternal Dragonz.


Rhizome has revealed the 2017 winners of its microgrants, a series of $500 to $1,500 awards that recognize artists creating net art projects as well as works about what the organization calls “digital citizenship” and pieces that use Webrecorder, a technology engineered by Rhizome that allows users to create and share web archives. The “digital citizenship” works will appear at the New Museum’s upcoming IdeasCity conference on September 16.

This year’s batch of winners includes Sean Patrick Carney’s Humor and the Abject, which the artist describes as an “attempt to catalogue, in real time, a primarily millennial-driven shift in new approaches to art and comedy,” and Winslow Laroche’s YOINK! Issue 4, a publication that will be, in the artist’s words, “4 Black ppl n anti gatekeeping, a common practice within art circles.”

A list of the grantees follows below. More details about each of the projects can be found on Rhizome’s site.

IdeasCity Microgrant

  • Kei Kreutler with Lina Bondarenko, Martin Byrne, Holly Childs, and Jelena Viskovic for Patternist

Net Art Microgrants

  • Manuel Arturo Abreu and Victoria Anne Reis for Home School
  • Sean Patrick Carney for Humor and the Abject
  • Eternal Dragonz
  • Winslow Laroche for YOINK! Issue 4
  • N-Prolenta for Black Hydra
  • Holly White

Webrecorder Microgrants

  • Gabriele de Seta
  • Nadine Fattaleh
  • Muira McCammon
  • Caroline Sinders

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