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Morning Links: Harry Dean Stanton Edition

Harry Dean Stanton.


Specialized Museums

The Museum of Ice Cream has opened a pop-up location in San Francisco. Get ready for the Instagrams. [NBC Bay Area]

The head curator of the museum for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has left the position just 18 months before the institution is set to open. [Variety]

The expansion of the Steamboat Art Museum—the local institution in the wonderful ski town of Steamboat, Colorado—is set to be completed by December. The renovation expands the museum’s exhibition space to 7,700 square feet. [Steamboat Today]

Pop star and former One Direction member Harry Styles performed at the Grammy Museum. [Variety]

And there’s a nice thing involving all kinds of museums coming up this week: Museum Day Live! The exclamation point is part of the name. It’s an event put on by the Smithsonian where you can get into 1,300 museums around the country for free. Exclamation point merited. [Smithsonian Magazine]

Harry Dean Stanton

Actor and American icon Harry Dean Stanton died Friday. He was 91. [Empire]

Friends and colleagues shared memories of Harry Dean over the weekend. David Lynch, who directed him to remarkable effect in this year’s “Twin Peaks: The Return,” said “Everyone loved him. And with good reason. He was a great actor (actually beyond great) – and a great human being – so great to be around him! You are really going to be missed Harry Dean! Loads of love to you wherever you are now!” [Independent]

The actor Josh Brolin shared a particularly touching anecdote. “The last time I saw HD was at Sean Penn’s birthday,” Brolin wrote on his Instagram page. “He sang a song for us in Spanish. His vibrato that night came like rolling waves, and I felt a young flamenco dancer click her heels away on my heart. He sang not just beautifully, he sang deeply.” [Instagram]

Market Happenings

A tiny Andy Warhol Coca-Cola bottle is estimated to sell for between £1.8 million and £2.5 million at the “Up Close” sale at Christie’s October 3, during Frieze Week in London. [Art Market Monitor]

Here’s another profile of Richard Prince, focusing on his many appropriation lawsuits. Harmony Korine explains that the suits are basically part of his practice, and Prince himself admits that “I sometimes spend more time in my lawyer’s office than in my studio.” [The New York Post]

Cake Controversy

A guy who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple because he claimed “it would violate his Christian faith” is mounting a defense of his actions by saying that his cakes are “art.” “I’m being forced to use my creativity, my talents and my art for an event—a significant religious event—that violates my religious faith,” he said. The couple filed civil charges, and it goes before the Supreme Court this fall. [The New York Times]

Museums Around the World

The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa has opened in Cape Town, and occupies a building that the designer Thomas Heatherwick calls “the world’s tubiest building.” It is indeed quite tube-y! [Dezeen]

Here’s an in-depth feature, from the latest issue of ARTnews, about the Zeitz MOCAA by Gemma Sieff. [ARTnews]

Ahead of the opening of its Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition Wednesday, the Barbican in London gets a Banksy tagged on its wall, and it’s an homage to Basquiat, who started out as part of a graffiti crew that used the tag SAMO. [The Guardian]

An exhibition of German art has opened at the Royal Ancestral Temple in Beijing. [Xinhua News]

And More!

The playwright Moisés Kaufman collects the drawings and paintings of the filmmaker Jean Cocteau, buying them from a gallery in Paris. [The New York Times]

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