And leave the folding bicycles at home, dear collectors!


Frieze London 2017 Market News

Frieze Bans Big Bags From Fair

What you get if you google “large handbag.”


We interrupt our regular action-packed on-the-ground Frieze London 2017 programming to bring you this special, service-y, bit of news. Frieze has banned big bags at the fair. If you were thinking about bringing a bag to the fair, we have one piece of advice for you: don’t.

The change, which we were alerted to in an email, points the finger at “changes in security procedure.”

Now, that doesn’t mean all bags are banned. The email specified that “large bags will not be permitted into the event. Please do not bring suitcases, folding bicycles, scooters or any large items bigger than a handbag or laptop bag.” If you don’t read this post, or do read it and decide bravely to disregard bag rules, you might be able put it in a “very limited bag drop facility” and it will cost you £5, which is about $6.64 in U.S. dollars. (The money from that will go to the charity Save the Children.)

And you can still check coats and umbrellas at the fair, for free. Carry on!

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