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Pictures at an Exhibition

‘Postcards from America’ at Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City

Dave Mckenzie, An Intermission (Don’t Care), 2016, dye-sub print on knitted polyester, installation view.


Pictures at an Exhibition presents images of one notable show every weekday.

This week, ARTnews will focus all “Pictures at an Exhibition” showcases on galleries in Mexico that have re-opened after the devastating earthquake on September 19 in a show of resilience. For more information on ways to help those still in need, please visit ¿Cómo ayudar?.

Today’s show: “Postcards from America” is on view at Celaya Brothers Gallery in Mexico City through Saturday, October 28. The group exhibition, curated by Joseph Imhauser and Victor Celaya, takes its name from a 1989 text written by David Wojnarowicz and brings together “works [that] bear witness to heinous, senseless acts of institutionalized violence and racism in a cross-toxic mess that as of yet has no end in sight,” according to an announcement. Participating artists include Lee Lozano, Josh Reames, Nina Chanel Abney, Dave Mckenzie, Mathew Zefeldt, and Sofi Brazzeal.


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